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One scientist’s view of the science-policy interface: From the silly to the sublime, from sharks to rats

One of the many challenges that scientists face is the ability to talk science to non-scientists. As graduate students and postdocs, we are trained to speak the language of science to our colleagues, peers, and students, but rarely does this training extend to the general public. Recently, Jane Lubchenco (marine ecologist, distinguished Professor of Zoology […]


“Feeling the Jazz”: Lessons in Mentoring from An Old Friend

  Exactly 6 years ago to this week, I got one of those phone calls that you hope you never get. The caller ID said it was my old friend and post-doc advisor, Bob Denno, calling me at home. Typical for him. But on the other end of the line was his wife, Barb, calling […]

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Former lab member ESA fellow!

Congratulations to former Ph.D student and now post-doc at University of Kentucky, Jamin Dreyer, for receiving the Entomological Society of America’s Science Policy Fellowship.  See details on the program and the announcement below:


Grad student opportunity

Potential opportunity for graduate study in the lab to work on Bats, white-nose syndrome and insect pests in Wisconsin agriculture. See the official listing in the Opportunities page.

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