Members of the Gratton lab in Fall 2018.  From left to right: Claudio Gratton, Hannah Gaines-Day, Michael Howe, Erin Lowe, Jeremy Hemberger, Joe Phillips, Ben Iuliano, Taylor Tai, Matt McCary, Jade Kochanski, Skye Harnsberger, Amanda McCormick 

Principal Investigator

  • Professor

    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Department of Entomology
    3111 Wisconsin Energy Institute
    1552 University Avenue
    Madison, WI 53706

    608-265-3762 (Office)
    608-262-3322 (Fax)

    Twitter: @flypod2

Academic Staff

  • Assistant scientist

    3121 Wisconsin Energy Institute
    1552 University Ave
    Madison, WI 53726

  • Dr. Gaines-Day standing in a sea of crimson-colored cranberries
    Assistant scientist

    3133 WEI
    1552 University Ave.
    Madison, WI 53726

    608-263-0964 (Lab)
    608-262-3322 (Fax)

  • person
    WiBee Project Coordinator


  • Person squatting below a bush next to a tape measure and smiling

    Moore Hall, 5th Floor

    1575 Linden Drive

    Madison, WI 53705

Graduate Students


Lab Alumni